We are concerned about the highest quality and timelines of services, as well as open and transparent communication with customers.
We work efficiently, adhering to the deadlines agreed with clients.
We collect municipal waste, recyclables, trash from public places, renovation waste, or bio-waste!

Collecting waste, such as household waste or industrial waste from waste bins, containers, etc., which may contain various recyclable materials

We offer comprehensive maintenance of green spaces to our customers ranging from towns and municipalities to private companies and natural persons.

Making plantings, care and maintenance of parks, squares and gardens

We have all the necessary authorizations for the safe and professional disposal of asbestos. We also transport materials with asbestos.

Removal of asbestos-containing materials from buildings

We offer a wide range of site clearance and excavation work to enable your project to start smoothly. Our groundworks services include drainage work, kerb-laying and construction. All of which we undertake with take a care and using only profesional materials and tools.

Construction and modernization of ditches

We effectively cleans up abandoned and contaminated brownfield sites using the latest soil remediation techniques – from site preparation to excavation, treatment, backfilling, compaction and site restoration.
To produce biomass, we use wood from felling, maintenance, felling and residues from sawmill production, etc.
We offer services of shredding woods, bio waste and large waste. Our modern equipment that is selected individually for every order and is characterised by unique performance, warrants the highest accuracy of the process.
We assist with daily housekeeping activities, ensuring hygiene and cleanliness inside and around the building. Considering the relevance of each facility we tailor our services to current needs.


We take a care to the highest quality and timely services, as well as open and transparent communication with contractors. We work efficiently, adhering to the deadlines agreed with customers.

Our mission is to provide services in the field of broadly understood municipal management, serving the current and uninterrupted satisfaction of the collective needs of residents through the provision of universally available services. To raise the level of ecological awareness and shape the ecological attitudes of society by promoting the principles of sustainable development.

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